Hourly Rate:


This rate includes sound equipment. I do not charge for setup and breakdown time. The rate for events that are less than one hour is $250.

New Song Fee:

$50/song to learn songs that are not yet in my repertoire.

Here is my current song list: www.elaineryan.ca/covers.

Travel Charges:

I live in downtown San Mateo. I calculate these charges according to how long it will take me to travel to your location, depending on the time of day, using Google Maps. For example, if your event is at 11:30am it may only take me 45 minutes of travel time. It it is at 6pm, it may take me 2.5 hours, due to traffic.

Less than one hour of travel time to location: no charge

1-2 hours of travel time: $100

2-3 hours of travel time: $200

I'm not able to travel to locations that require more than 3 hours of driving to the location. If you are able to cover the cost of a flight I'd be happy to discuss the details.