It’s a hard time for seniors and the people who love them. 

I have been singing weekly at a memory care center in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last two years and the folks there really enjoy that singalong time. It’s allowed me to put together a repertoire of songs that folks in that generation (born in the 1920s, 30s and 40s) recognize and are able to sing to. I know that they will be feeling more isolated in the weeks ahead so I wanted to create a fun video that they can sing along to.   

Please feel free to share this youtube video with anyone you know that might find it uplifting or helpful!

I earn my living playing live full time, so have no income now. If you appreciate this video and have the means please consider a donation. Even $1 helps.

send a singing Telegram

You can let someone you care about know you’re thinking of them by sending them a singing telegram video. I will learn their favorite song and record a video of me singing and playing it along with a special message that you choose.


$49 - Choose a song from my list of favorites and I will make a video of me singing and playing the song with a special message for the recipient

$99 - I will learn your loved one's favorite song and make a video of me singing and playing the song with a special message.

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